Shonagh and Trish are slightly excited about this edition of Girl Talk as their guest is absolutely fabulous.

It’s Diversity Month on Beat and they’re delighted to chat to the wonderful Paul Ryder!

As his Twitter bio says, he is a Performer, an MC, a choreographer, a creative, a contributor to Ireland Am and Elaine on Virgin Media Television.

Last year in an interview with Hot Press he said “I started out choreographing for drag queens in Dublin…

“I knew instinctively I couldn’t really keep the LGBTQ crowd entertained if I didn’t do something a little bit different. So, I said to myself, ‘If you can’t beat the drag queens, join them – but still keep your own vibe!’.”

And if you saw him on Ireland’s Got Talent you will know that he did that and then some.

Paul speaks to the girls about coming out in Dublin, how he was forced to leave school because of bullying, a recent homophobic incident which left him shaken, what success means to him and how Marriage Referendum 2015 is a day he’ll never forget.

You can listen to it here!

Girl Talk – A Beat Podcast · Girl Talk Meets… Paul Ryder

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