Trish and Shonagh are back for one laugh-out-loud episode of Beat Girl Talk Meets!

Our guest, Xposé’s Nadine Reid, made history as the first plus-size woman of colour to appear on the cover of Irish magazine, Stellar.

The Birmingham-born in-demand presenter had stars in her eyes since young age of 10 when she starred as gangster moll Tallulah in a school production of Bugsy Malone.

With no shortage of strings to her bow the talented woman radiates warmth and charisma!

Whatsmore, she’s also had a successful career as a make-up artist before breaking out on TV.

From her uplifting Instgram posts to her insightful words of wisdom Nadine Reid celebrates everything she is – this TV star is the woman we all want to be friends with that just happens to be a curvy, beautiful, intelligent woman of colour.

Listen to it below…

Girl Talk – A Beat Podcast · Beat Girl Talk Meets… Nadine Reid

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