Beat’s Emma Nolan and David Hammond hosted a forum on the future of young people in Wexford yesterday evening.

The event, which was held at the Brandon House Hotel, New Ross was partly organised by Fianna Fáil Wexford Councillor Michael Sheehan.

Students from the area were invited to take part and raise societal, cultural and economic issues that concern them most.

Commenting before the event, Councillor Michael Sheehan (FF) noted that it’s the first exercise that has been done in this area in a generation.

“We’re sitting down side by side and we’re saying, tell us how are things for you in your local community. What’s going on? What can we do as elected members to make this area more beneficial to you and more conducive to you staying here?”

Topics discussed at the forum include: youth and community facility requirements, adult attitudes towards youth, and community participation.

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