Need cash? Darren’s got you covered on Beat Drive every day.

How do I win?

Remember the iconic family classic ‘charades’? Course you do!

Think that, but on a much-sexier, 2019 tip.

Each day, you have an opportunity to get on air and ask Darren two questions, with the aim of getting closer to identifying the answer to this round’s charade – it can be a person, film, book, song… pretty much anything!

This round you’re looking for: A TV SHOW

Clue: The name Carlos


Questions asked:

Is it an American TV show? YES

Does it begin with the letter C? NO

Is it set in New Jersey? NO

Does one of the main characters names begin with the letter C? YES

Are the main characters all women? NO

Does it feature a murder? (A suspected one so) YES

Is it a cop show? NO

Does it involve forensics? NO

Does it star Christina Applegate? NO

Has the show been released in the last year? NO

Is one of the main characters covered in tattoos? NO

Is one of the main stars a heart throb? They were at one point in their career so YES?

Has brad Pitt guest starred? NO

Is this a place where “everybody knows your name”? NO

Is it a food based show? NO

Is the main focus a family business? NO


It’s not: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air / The Next Great Baker / Desperate Housewives / The Glades/Dead to Me / Prison Break / Sex & the City / Cake Boss


You can ask 2 questions, take a guess & hopefully win some cash weekdays on Beat Drive from 15.50!

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