Need cash? Darren’s got you covered on Beat Drive every day.

How do I win?

Remember the iconic family classic ‘charades’? Course you do!

Think that, but on a much-sexier, modern day tip.

Each day, you have an opportunity to get on air and ask Darren two questions, with the aim of getting closer to identifying the answer to this round’s charade – it can be a person, film, book, song… pretty much anything!

This round you’re looking for: A FILM

Clue: A Child


Questions Asked:

Is it set in America? NO

Is it set in the UK? NO

is it set in Brazil? NO

Is it set in India? NO

Do animals feature heavily? NO

Is the child a little girl? YES

Does she have a French minder? NO

Is it a horror? NO

Is it a comedy? YES

Does it involve a kidnapping? NO

Is it just one child that’s the main focus? YES

is it set in France? NO

Was it released in 1995? NO

Does it star Denzel Washington? NO

Does it star Nicolas Cage? NO

Wrong Guesses:  Amelie / City of God / The Jungle Book / Leon / The Exorcism of Emily Rose / Little Miss Sunshine / Matilda / Madeline / Man on Fire





You can ask 2 questions, take a guess & hopefully win some cash weekdays on Beat Drive from 15.50!

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