Juggling the worlds of radio and podcasting isn’t the easiest of feats, but if initial reactions are something to go by, it’s something Darren Rice has pulled off in style.

The Beat Drive presenter now stands at No.3 on the Irish iTunes Podcast Chart thanks to the debut episode of his podcast, Ricer Knows.

Treading a fine line between recognisable names and casual conversation, the first episode features actor, writer and Adidas obsessive,  Emmet Kirwan.

And who could resist a podcast that features quotes as memorable as…

I was asked to speak at one political party’s conference. I’d no intentions of doing it ya know and one of my mates just went ‘Don’t do that! Remember f**kin Cool Britannia, remember Tony Blair inviting f**king Oasis & all these heads into a gaff & then four years later, Tony Blair was bombing Iraq? That’s what happens man.

[On Tom Hardy] He’d just done Bronson, he was a beast… he’s very nice to talk to, very personable & very chatty… but his physicality is that kind of thing, like a bulldog, a f**king taut spring ya know & he’s like that when he’s acting as well.

With upcoming guests including fellow Wexford native Maverick Sabre, anti-Scientology activist Pete Griffiths, and Glasto concert promoter Vince Power featuring over the next few months, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this new and interesting podcast.

All streaming links for the likes of Apple Podcasts & Spotify can be found here:  https://RicerKnows.lnk.to/6NN3H

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