Tom Murphy Car Sales Waterford has teamed up with Beat to sponsor Beat Drive’s ever-popular ChaRadio competition to coincide with the start of the 202 registration season.

Each weekday, ChaRadio gives listeners the opportunity to get on air and ask Darren two questions – all with the aim of getting closer to identifying the mystery answer – it can be a person, film, book, song… pretty much anything!

(L-R) Barry Murphy, Tom Murphy Car Sales; Darren Rice

Launched in conjunction with Darren’s Rice move to drivetime in January 2019, the segment has gained something of a cult following – a factor which influenced one of the most trusted brands in the South East to get on board.

Speaking to Beat, Dealer Principal for Mercedes-Benz at Tom Murphy Car Sales Barry Murphy said:

“We spoke to the guys at Beat about our plans for the rest of 2020, I wanted to get involved with something different and ChaRadio seemed like the perfect fit.

“Our brand, Mercedes-Benz is evolving. It’s becoming more attractive to the younger generation, which was never the case before. So, for that reason our partnership with ChaRadio and Beat works well for us. It gives us a new audience in the wider age bracket we’re after”, he said.

“There’s been an awful lot made on radio and social media about supporting local – we are a local brand – we’ve been here for 40 years now. Our name is tried and trusted not only by the people of Waterford but the people of the South East. I believe we give great service and value for money – people can trust us.”

Tom Murphy Car Sales’ sponsorship of ChaRadio kicks off on Wednesday, July 1st.

(L-R) Darren Rice; Barry Murphy, Tom Murphy Car Sales

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