• Cool 2 School | Chloe

    2 weeks to Christmas on Cool 2 School, and we were feeling festive at Chloe’s house in Co. Carlow this morning.     Chloe wasn’t alone, not only was she joined by BFF Aoife and cousin Abbie – the one and only Elf on the... Read more

  • Cool 2 School I Charlie and Layla

    Christmas has arrived on Cool 2 School! Shonagh and Julie loved the festive vibes at Charlie and Layla’s house in Ballycullane this morning. The guys had made some very impressive Beat art work! And their little cousin baby Eve even got in for a pic!... Read more

  • Cool 2 School I Leah May

    It was a rainy start in Waterford this morning but Leah May, Esme and Izzy were full of beans! They treated Shonagh and Julie to a taster of the show they are practicing for! Then they auditioned to be on the Beat Fleet! Quick selfie... Read more

  • Cool 2 School I Amber and Ruby

    It was all about the girls in Kilkenny this morning at Amber and Ruby’s house. They showed us the house they have made for their Elf on the Shelf. The talent! We also managed to get a snap with 12-week old Gracie who was loving... Read more

  • Cool 2 School I Jack

    It was a chilly morning in New Ross for Cool 2 School but Jack, sister Mia and his friend Oliver were full of chat!   Jack is a big Beat Breakfast fan and reckons he could take Vinny on in Beat The Bomb! There was... Read more

  • Cool 2 School I Mia

    Happy girls in Waterford this morning at Mia’s house for Cool 2 School.   Mia, Ciara and Rebeka were happy to pose for pictures! The girls told Niall, Vinny and Trish all about their Halloween Costumes. The sun was shining in Ferrybank for the all... Read more

  • Cool 2 School | Chloe

    Cool 2 School with Chloe in Co. Kilkenny this morning.   Chloe was joined by her two besties Mai and Jane – and their homemade potato faces.. And.. Chloe’s cute dog – Lily.   Then it was time for school in the Beat car!  ... Read more

  • Cool 2 School Special with Flahavans on World Porridge Day

    The excitement was real in the Daly house this morning!   Not only did we host Beat Breakfast live from the Daly’s kitchen in Waterford but we also brought the boys Cool 2 School all with thanks to Flahavans. The boys were like celebrities on... Read more

  • Sign up for Cool 2 School here!

    Inject some Beat excitement into your Tuesday morning by getting the Audi A1 Beat Fleet to rock up at your door. Read more

  • Beat Breakfast Podcast July 19th 2019

    We’re in weekend mode again. But Trish switched off waaay before everyone else! Read more