Beat 102 103 is the first of a new tier of radio stations which is neither local nor national – it’s regional. It is the only station licensed to cover counties Wexford; Waterford; Carlow; Kilkenny and South Tipperary. Soon after its launch on July 1st 2003, it established itself as the market leader among young adults across the South East. The station is music driven with a broad mix of new and recent music which our target audience has told us they want to hear. Added to that, we offer news and talk programming relevant to young adults.

Beat 102 103 is now the most powerful and effective advertising medium in the region as it delivers the largest audience of any radio station in the South East.

The latest radio results show that Beat 102-103 is holding strong as the leading music station for the 15 to 34-year-old market; ahead of all local stations AND the national alternatives, in the South East.

Here are some interesting facts about Beat:
According to the most recent IPSOS/MRBI JNLR radio listenership survey, Beat 102 103 is the most listened to radio station in the South East with 159,000 people tuning in weekly. Beat has 96,000 daily listeners in the region.

Beat 102-103 continues to lead its national music radio rivals in the South East with a market share among All Adults of 15.5%

Beat’s dedicated promotions team, the Audi A1 Beat Fleet is being utilized by more and more businesses across the South East to get their message across in a different way to their clients.

For more fun in the morning, better music to get you through your workday and the drive home, stay tuned to Beat 102-103!

(Source: JNLR/IPSOS/MRBI South East 2020-Nov)