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We deliver the best promotional team in the country – the Audi A1 Beat Fleet! If you’re looking to promote your business, brand or event & want recognisable faces with an outlet on-air and online that can reach up to half a million people a week, then you need the Audi A1 Beat Fleet. Check out our testimonials here.

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In an evolving world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the constant stream of content, there is one medium which continues to stand out – radio.

Irish people consume more radio than any other country in Western Europe with the average adult here spending over 4 hrs a day listening to the radio. In the South East, one radio station stands head and shoulders above the rest. We’re incredibly proud of Beat’s position as the market-leading radio station in the region.

With 165,000 weekly listeners and a social media following of over 650,000, Beat is the perfect marketing solution for you.

We have 16 years of experience providing creative and innovative radio advertising solutions for international, national and local clients. We amplify it with our highly engaged online audience to create 360-degree multi-platform advertising campaigns. Each of our clients receives the same level of professionalism, expertise and service from the team at Beat.

We work with you to create content to the highest standards – from traditional spot advertising to custom video production. If you want a platform that can reach the entire South East for one cost, then Beat Advertising is the solution for you.

Creative Solutions

From massive nationally-recognised promotions like Coffin Lock-In and The Driver to daily features like Beat The Bomb, Beat has a creative solution to suit you! Reach our massive audience on air, online and on the street. Get your message to our avid listeners, put yourself in all the places they hang out online and have the Audi A1 Beat Fleet amplify YOUR event. It’s all possible with Beat Creative Solutions.


Beat prides itself on being a true multi-platform broadcaster, bringing you fantastic content not just on air, but also online. We do our best to be in the places you are, entertaining you here on our website and across a number of social media channels.


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